"There is the reasoning of the heavens that illuminates one like the gods and the reasoning of earth that brings one to understand simple things".

Asomdwoe nka mo (Peace unto you all)! The purpose of this spiritual platform is to present to the African diaspora meaningful insight into the realms of Obayi (Obeah) as was brought to the shores of the western hemisphere by obayifo (Akan witches). This development model will act as a vehicle for cultural liberation and spiritual cultivation by providing services, products and information that reflect the authentic expression of Obayi. May your highly venerated ancestors be your guide as you explore The Obeah Tree.

Akwaaba (Welcome)!

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Obayi (Obeah) is an ancestrally inherited tradition of Akan witches of Ghana/ Cote de'Ivoire and their descendants throughout the African diaspora… According to our story, our blood-related ancestresses and ancestors who during the trans-atlantic slavetrade were forced onto the shores of the Americas, brought with them the sacred art of Obayi. Embedded within their souls, blood and bone marrow our spiritual customs and practices spread all throughout the western hemisphere. The US, Canada, The UK, Grenada, Bahamas, Barbados, Suriname, Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago are a few places we can see Obayi has taken up residence and adapted to the energy of the region. Many have falsely called Obayi an “afro-carribean religion”, but we know that hundreds of thousands of Akan people were captured and transported to western regions. We are aware that Obayifo were amongst these multitudes captured and traded as prisoners of war. The Obayi pedigree in North America shows little difference to that of the Obayi pedigree in Ghana and Cote d’ivoire. We express Obayi without syncretism and or deviation. We are still in league with the same invisible forces of nature as we were before our forced migration into the western world and interact with these divinities on a daily basis.

Abosom and Abonsam (respectively) are the gods of Obayi and aide its vortex of power, with bayi (witch power) being the epicenter of all its spiritual activity. The ancestral inheritors of the tradition are referred to as Obayifo (Akan witches) and its priests Bayi Komfo and Bonsam Komfo a.k.a Obeah Priest/ Priestess.



I am a priestly magician operating with a natural inclination and passion for helping my clients identify their destiny, achieve their highest ideals and manifest their hearts desires indiscriminately.
Each client is lead to me by way of their own intuitive and celestial navigation. For every client there is a unique condition that may be served according to how our powers and divine insight deem sound and fit.
It is my pleasure to share some client testimonials to help you prepare for The Obeah Tree experience.


Paapa Yewoti is a wonderful and detailed reader that was very skilled communicating with the ancestors. He was able to channel energies and describe the matters in my life to direct me on a solid path. He was also able to give me my strengths and weaknesses as well as how to improve. He reads more on a cosmic level and was great at helping me understand the bigger picture. He wasn't afraid to tell me what I didn't want to hear either. I look forward to getting more readings with him soon.

Monique La Reina