Spiritual Controversy (PT.1)

As a spiritual traditionalist I believe in authenticity to the upmost… in fact I support authenticity so much I will go as far as to challenge the self-proclaimed magic practitioner, debate the autodidactic philosopher, and proofread the historian. “All tech’s in effect”, as we would say back in the good ol’days. But times are rolling and changing aren’t they… yes indeed they are. The new narrative is orientated in ultra sensitivity… pure emotion without reason/ logic. At what cost… damned if it ain’t without harshness and severity.

You know sometimes I sit back and reflect on shared pictures and images online of old Obeah and even Hoodoo practitioners. You know… the black and white ones with the grain in them lol! Yeah… them good ol’ folks. As these pictures circulate I often wonder about how they are perceived by the masses… on an individual level even! I myself can see the aura of our ancestors and ancestresses; frozen in time no… but rather immortalized by imagery. Each one exhibits power in their own unique way… we are fortunate enough to even have documentation of some of their personal lives… mannerisms and lifestyle… likes and dislikes…. Groovy if you ask me. With all that in mind I personally wonder if they were liking to get along back then. Surely there was some sort of “Spiritual Controversy”, surrounding “what’s what and real vs fake”. I believe it even if I ain’t read on it thoroughly. What I’m saying… my own deity referred to a time in North America as “The Hoodoo Wars”. I’m certain if not every magician was for himself there were some brief as well as extended spiritual bouts… verbal and nonverbal between practitioners.

Am I toxic if that part of it all holds just as much significance and weight as the role our spiritual practices liberating us from our enslavers? Whatever the-case-may be I find relief and solace knowing the aforementioned to be quite true! So true I believe it resonates with our very blood and bone marrow today. Challenges… opposition… offense… defense. Yeah yeah yeah save me the melodramatic “we are the black world” sentiment; it’s so overrated. There is no existence without friction… period. Just for a hypothetical second, even if the world returned to its black origins (without white people); are we that naive as to believe there would be absolutely no strife?! Surely we know better than to dismiss the challenges produced by Mother Nature by way of Gods Will… exactly. To face off is tradition. Preparing for obstacles comes with the gift-of-life. Should I mention at this moment, it was Nature herself that gave hue-men their cultures and cultural activities. Never mind… we are grounded in the here and now! Just as our authentic spiritual predecessors challenged the “know-it-all”… I too put forth effort to hold true to the time and battle tested ancestral wisdom of our forefathers and ancient mothers. I test our power against the naysayers… I showcase our talents and gifts over the head of our enemies… I arouse anger in the fictitious and disbelievers… I hold each of us accountable for Truth.

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