Spiritual Controversy pt.2

Updated: Aug 22

A spiritual teacher in reality educates society about the affairs of The Supreme Being and the dynamics of this divine organisation. Even the role of such preceptor is passed down by way of protocol... a divine decree. Yet this era is experiencing those who have assumed this role by way of choice shrouded in the consumption of illegitimacy and ego-based faiths. A true spiritual teacher promotes gate-keeping versus a "rogue propaganda" for the sake of "something different". For instance, the first time I seen falsehood about Obeah was in a book... but as a spiritual teacher myself I know that you cannot "publish author", your way into authenticity. The next time I encountered falsehood about Obeah was through a well-aged individual... yet as a gatekeeper I know you cannot "age" your way into authenticity. When I witnessed European occultists being accredited for contributing to the infrastructure of Obeah in the west, it was through people of the Caribbean... Yet as a traditionalist I know our birthplace does not guarantee authenticity.

Moreover authenticity is jeopardized if including corruption and misrepresentation goes uncontested. To blatantly blur the lines between African culture and European disruption of African culture is to elude our actual responsibility of preserving ancient ancestral technology and wisdom (ancestral knowledge in motion). Naturally we desire to receive our ancestral practices in it's true form... that is ancestral inspiration... that is integrity. Yet our integrity can become compromised under the influence of perversion hence; the ancestral culture is at stake. There is absolutely no such thing as an African Traditional Religion orientated in chaos, nevertheless there are self-proclaimed Obeah enthusiasts that say so. All ATR's are a result of culture and culture is the result of people harmonizing with Nature (being in-tune with the cycles of the earth). If in reality it were the opposite protocols and taboo would not exist among us. That places any practitioner of ancestral tradition in imminent spiritual and secular danger. In conclusion lack of discernment and the inability to separate cosmology from fairy-tales disqualifies any self-professed practitioner of African Traditional Folk Religion. Be as it may, the time of ancestral reverence is upon us and with it comes the eradication of false precepts of Obeah and all African ancestral traditions.

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