The Baby Witch

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

I do find it to be quite entertaining that so many find solace referring to themselves as "baby witch", here in North America. I do however detest the thought of one being able to disregard the roots of a thing so long as its fashionable... Nevertheless the "witch (w/African blood) movement" carries on into the next century as if not moved at all by the persecution suffered by our ancestral lines in the diaspora. But I do believe this is but one spiritual explanation for this phenomena that is being witnessed among our black millennial society... Just as sure as I fell from the sky with my Bayi "witch-power", I know that there are others being born into this world just the same. I myself remember before I was born and being with God... then I was on earth. I can recall as a child having multiple visions of falling to earth... usually into a rocky environment or the forest. I know that I was dreams made flesh; I knew I was "witch". In the land of my ancestors; that is the Gold Coast... the witch is called Obayifo. There are certain qualifications that must meet to truly be considered to possess authentic and real bayi/witch-power. So I am speaking from a genuine experience as I convey the message that our expression has not changed "that much", simply because our blood-circles reincarnate in the diaspora. Regardless of circumstance, we the descendants of Niger-Congo witches incarnate possessing the same amount of witch-power (possibly more) as we once possessed during our lives in Africa without exception. I know this because I am a natural-born bayifou (akan witch)... I too 'fell from the sky", (brought my powers from the heavens) as our kinfolk would say back home. A baby witch from an Obayi perspective is just that... a Natural-Born Witch! Moreover, there is a such thing as people that are not born-in but are sworn-in on various spiritual levels later in life... these are the people that "somehow" acquire a type/strand of "witch-power" as adolescents or adults. These individuals however will not be as potent as the them that are born displaying spiritual powers. Whenever I here the term "beginner witch", I always think of this population... the term "witch" however fashionable still carries that air of caution and elusiveness that it always has. I do hold the logical notion that everyday in North America there is an acquisition of witch-power among black people; that is of the traditional and non-traditional type... respectfully. 1-29-21 4:35pm (eastern).

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